How to clean your white kick

This is how you clean your white sneakers and the techniques that you should use to achieve good-as-new shine. The tips will let you know what products to use and how to use it.


1. Pull of the shoe laces and put them in the washing machine (if they don´t become to clean after that, invest in a new pair of laces.)

2. Use a soft brush, water and shoe shampoo (we recommend Jason Markk). Stroke the shoes and clean of the hard dirt. Be careful to not brush the leather to hard.

3. Use a cloth or a sponge to get of the last of the dirt.

4. Let the leather rest and dry.

5. Use white shoe color cream to make sure they´re getting all white again.

6. Let them rest once more.

7. When they´re dry and the shoe color has been absorbed, use a cloth again in order to polish them and make e´m shine.

Their you go, good as new!