Streets of Sydney

We hit the roads of Sydney to capture the Tribe of Sir look.

Have you heard about Tribe of Sir before? Here´s the story: "From the kitchen table in Stockholm to the savannah of Serengeti, Tanzania”. 

The very first ”brand name” ideas we came up with consisted of; mister, gents, gents club, the club, vision, the movement, clean cutted, dapper, L.O.O.D (letting out our dreams), awaited, saporia….well, the list goes on. But none of it really felt right. A couple of weeks went by and one of the founders traveled to Tanzania on a safari trip with his girlfriend.


The co-founder continues…

During our stay in Tanzania we got this friendly tour guide named Adam. On the third day Adam drove us from Arusha to Serengeti. During that ride Adam spoke about the different tribes in the region. After a couple of hours we finally arrived in Serengetti. We unpacked the luggage, had some evening dinner and went to our tents for a good night sleep. The next morning we had a whole day of game drive waiting on us in Serengeti! I had a hard time falling asleep that night so I got up from bed and went over to the bedroom table and started going through the different brand names we had come up with so far. While sitting there I came to think about what Adam had told us about the tribes and it stuck on me….why not call the brand Tribe….but tribe what? should we just stick with tribe?, something is missing, something that easily can be associated with our fashion concept…hmmm lets see…tribe of gents, tribe of mister..….….tribe of sir???....holy shit I think I got it. I woke up my girlfriend 3 o clock in the morning and said ”what you think of Tribe Of Sir”? To begin with she gave me an earful for waking her up in the middle of the night. After that we both started mumbling ”Tribe of sir” repeatedly just to get a feeling for it. A few hours passed by, I finally got some sleep and at breakfast she said:  ”you should stick with that name, it has a meaning to it, a sense of belonging” and that was that….Tribe Of Sir was born.



Tribe Of Sir is a men’s fashion company based in Stockholm, Sweden. Tribe Of Sir was founded in 2015 by two individuals who had a vision of creating men’s clothing inspired by simplicity, clean cuts, conventional fit, unconventional fit and quality. With a holistic approach to business Tribe Of Sir is grounded in the endless search of combining modern knowledge with our own twist. In the design, it can often be seen in the playful fit of our extra long shirts or carefully detailed sweaters. Our designers research the future of fashion while marketing explore ideas of how to make the tribe grow.


Meaning of Tribe Of Sir

The meaning of Sir alludes to a man who carries himself and his clothes with elegance and confidence. Tribe Of Sir is all about building a fashion tribe for the sir’s – early on defined as being ‘the tribe for the fashion oriented men’. Dedicated to a carefully curated wardrobe of now, a modern interpretation of the Sir and his constant search for the perfect look of the modern man.




Model: Eric Human
Photo: Carl Johan Malmström