Be calm. Be alert.

ZANSHIN matcha

ZANSHIN matcha is an ancient Japanese stone-ground green tea powder directly sourced from Wazuka, Kyoto, Japan.

ZANSHIN is ceremonial grade matcha, high in L-theanine, the rare amino acid that provides relaxing properties to counterbalance the hit of caffeine to induce a state of calm alertness.

Essential to Samurai, and practiced by modern day Tea Masters, zanshin is a state of mind that is calm yet continually aware of, and in tune with, surroundings. An elevated expression of peak performance; one of focused detachment and effortless flow.

Like the Samurai past and the artisan present, we know life is better lived in a state of zanshin; an alert calm.

Experience zanshin with their highest quality ZANSHIN matcha.


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Zanshin Matcha with cold sparkling water and ice cubes

Zanshin Matcha with cold sparkling water and ice cubes