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Interview #7

Meet Jordan Turner

Every month we interview people who inspire us and a lot of others. Meet Jordan Turner (22) who lives to the beat of their own drum, in the humble town of Bondi Beach. Half Australian, half Fijian, growing up between Bondi and the Fiji Islands before settling in Bondi to start school. We went out for a shoot together and discussed inspiration and style.


Jordan you quit your job to be a full-time influencer. What is your best tips for an influencer who’s ready to take the chance and do the same?

Well if anyone is ready to plunge into the world of full-time blogging, my best tip for you would be to collaborate as much as you can and question everything and everyone. Collaborating not only gets you into doing things out of the ordinary but also opens up new opportunities. Working with brands gets you thinking about different ways you can style and share products, shooting with other bloggers gives you a taste of different working styles and allows you to learn about what other people are doing in the industry. Question whatever comes your way, there is a solution to every problem, you just need to find how to get there.


You influence us at BOYSINSPIRATION and a lot of others. But who´s inspiring you?

I'm fascinated by everything Solange is doing at the moment. I'm finding a lot of my choices in style are based around some of her colour combos and outfits. Her styling in her latest music videos (Cranes In The Sky and Don't Touch My Hair) and personal outfits give me goose bumps. There's perfection in imperfection to me, and everything she does is an effortless masterpiece. I'm a huge fan of her colour-on-colour affection too. 


What´s your favourite city in the world?

This is hard - I've seen too little of the world to comment. One of my favourites that I've travelled to has been Amsterdam and Santorini, but I still have the most of my love set aside flr my home, Sydney. Every time I travel to parts of the globe, there's nothing quite like coming back to the constant views of the ocean, the smell of the beach in the air, the beauty of the city, and the quality of life we live here - I'm beyond lucky.



You live in Sydney, Australia. Tell us a bit more about the style in Sydney?

I live in the Eastern Suburbs so unless there's a special occasion, the uniform here is athleisure - activewear rather. No matter if you're doing physical activity or not, athleisure is the go to. We also wear a lot of basics and linen, the relaxed and luxurious look.


Do you have any spot in Sydney where you go to get influenced by other people?

No spot in particular - I usually jump online to the world wide web and Instagram! I'm influenced by media and information and visuals in front of me - movies, music, people walking down the street, conversations with friends, it can start anywhere.


Autumn is around the corner. How does your style change during the seasons?

I'm one of those people that revel in wearing coats and layers - I love it! As soon as it drops below 20 degrees celsius, I've got knits on - I am ready! Summer and Spring I'm all about linens with light and fresh colours, whereas in Autumn and Winter I get into heavy materials and dark colour features. I feel as though my Instagram is evident of seasonal changes too, it's almost an instant change in colours on my feed.


Do you have any exciting projects coming up that you can tell us more about?

I'm shooting a huge feature with Country Road! I'm incredibly excited to style some of their AW 2017 Menswear collection in the #CRWelcomeHome house. It's an insane and incredible opportunity for me to be working with one of Australia's leading fashion and homeware retailers, and profile some of their collection.


Jordan Turner (22) captured in Melbourne, Australia.

Jordan Turner (22) captured in Melbourne, Australia.


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Photos by Carl Johan Malmström