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Ryan Reynolds style

has come a long way since his flakey, comic role in ‘Two Guys, A Girl And A Pizza Place’. Reynolds flicked the switch – from chick flick actor to action stud – when he underwent intense physical training to play Hannibal King in ‘Blade: Trinity’. A change in physique propelled a change in style too; transitioning him from the unfashionable college goof Van Wilder to the red carpet ruler you see today. Let’s take a closer look at scoring his style.

‘Classic’ is an understatement when describing Ryan Reynolds style. The actor takes creative direction from the greats – Paul Newman and Steve McQueen, the latter lending inspiration for Reynolds’ immaculate tailoring choice – the three-piece suit.

Casual wear also stays Fifties inspired, while reworked jackets in cool suedes, rich denim and English-cues (think gilets) eliminate any costume-y aesthetics from the vintage outerwear. But, if you had to choose one, lonely adjective for Ryan Reynolds style, it would have to be ‘blue’.


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