Make the right suit choices

Make the right suit choices

Every man should own a great suit. No exceptions.

Advice on how to choose your next suits - and every new one you’ll ever buy.


What suits you?

Let's start with the pure basics. Ask yourself for what occasion the suit is intended for. Is the suit for work? Date night? A buddy's wedding? All three? Even if its your first or your thirteenth suit, you need to think about the occasion first of all. 

When you're clear with that you can start to make the right choices, starting with color. Your best bet is to opt for one in a solid true navy blue or charcoal gray. Both colors work with every shirt and tie combo you can think of and a whole lot more (denim shirts, T-shirts, knits). They're the standard. 

There's also black, Not for daytime wear and not as foolproof as you think. You imagine its safe, but you might end up looking like a security guard. If you decide to go for black, make everything as skinny as possible.

If you want to go bolder than solid colors, think plaid. Wearing a plaid or check suit is going to get you noticed and remembered.

For fabrics, think light to mid weight wool. It's the most common suit fabric. Good for work. Good for job interviews. Good for pretty much everything.