The story about World Ambassadeurs

The story about World Ambassadeurs

Founded to spread appreciation of diversities

Let us with a thrill tell you the story about the new born clothing brand World Ambassadeurs. Founded with the goal to spread appreciation of diversities among cultures with ready-to-wear collections suitable for the conscious clothing consumer (YOU).  

Ready-to-wear inspired by the world
The collections cover ready-to-wear for men and women. They´re defined by attention to details inspired from all over the world.

The belief of World Ambassadeurs is that everyone need a diverse social environment to be creative and keep evolving. History has shown time after time that a mix of different views and ideas create a melting pot that inspire and give birth to greatness.
There are no right or wrongs in our world, only different solutions to the same problems. No other statement shows this clearer than what different cultures decide to wear, and how they express themselves through their appearance.

World Ambassadeurs approach to exploration is holistic and they look for inspiration in both nature and culture as well as history. Then they try to use this as a foundation from which then they translate a geographical location into a contemporary yet timeless line of clothes.

Chapter 1 - Keren Collection
The first collection "Chapter 1" is about the city of Keren. Historically intriguing, culturally compelling and scenically inspiring, Eritrea is not only one of the most dynamic countries in Africa, it is also the native home of one of World Ambassadeurs founders.

Driven by equal portions of cultural curiosity and pride, it came naturally to World Ambassadeurs to let Keren mark the first milestone of the brand itself and allow it to inspire to the first collection. Read more about Keren in Eritrea here.

We had a look at the Keren Collection, and let us tell you. We did find great inspiration and this is what we would love to wear through autumn. The brand itself is genuine, truthful and it´s for a good cause. We definitely share the same ideas as World Ambassadeurs and we think that their approach is good for the world. Well, the collection itself isn´t that bad. It´s great wardrobe staples which we need in our closet and well, the pricing point isn´t that bad either.

If you put in an order at World Ambassadeurs Official Webshop, they also treat you with a gift when using the code "BOYSINSPIRATION" at checkout. 


World Ambassadeurs
World Ambassadeurs
World Ambassadeurs
World Ambassadeurs
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World Ambassadeurs - Keren Collection